Knowing Islam

To answer the non-Muslim questions

Knowing Islam

To answer the non-Muslim questions

Knowing Islam

All the answers of your questions are in Quran. All the knowledge, sciences, philosophy, ethics, etc. are in Quran.
Ask your questions and get your answers through it.

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۴ مطلب در ژانویه ۲۰۱۶ ثبت شده است


In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful


Why is there a prohibition for a widow or divorced woman for a while to remarry in the Quran?

Isn't that cruel?

 All commands in the Quran are conformed to wisdom and human beings can of course get access to some of their reasons.

Professor Robert Ghilhem, the dean of Albert Ainstan university which belongs to Jewish and is specialist in Genetic science, says that sperms contain 62 proteins which are different from person to person, just as exclusive as fingerprints. Sperms are just like a chip (integrated circuit) and everyone carries his own. Woman's body carries a complete computer inside that records the chips of the man with whom she had sex. If this woman immediately started having sex with some one else or if the computer received many different chips, it would be like the computer had become infected with viruses and the woman would experience different hormonic and psychic disorders.

The professor has proven from a scientific point of view that the first menstruation period after divorce can emit 32-35 percent of sperms, second period 67-72 percent, and the third one would emit 99.9% of sperms, making the womb clean and ready for new sperms and making the computer prepared for welcoming the new chips without any harm for the woman's body.

It may not be the only reason for this Quranic verdict and some other resaons can be found.

Therefore, after-divorce period of time should be long enough so that all sperm effects can get eliminated considering the fact that the grief can cause the man's effect to last longer; that's why she needs the period of time Allah has mentioned (4 months and 10 days) in Quran so that all manhood effects can get deactivated.



Professor Robert Ghilhem, the dean of Albert Ainstion university which belongs to Jewish and is specialist in Genetic science, converted to Islam and announced the only reason for it officially:

Reconition and discovery of a scientific fact and understanding the uniqueness of the  Quran regarding the limitation of divorce period for women

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Followers of Islam

Jones and his "Burn the Quran" campaign. I think he would say, "This has got to stop."


Followers of Islam believe that the Quran is a collection of revelations received by the Prophet Mohammad from God about 1400 years ago. They believe that Mohammad was the last of a series of prophets and teachers and  messangers  that included Adam, Moses, Jesus, Abraham all means revealed  by us as well.


 The word Islam means "peaceful surrender to the will of God". The Quran was written at a time when Moslim people were being driven from their homes, prosecuted, and killed. The Old Testament was written at a time when Jewish people were driven from their homes, prosecuted, and killed. And religious scholars will tell that most holy scriptures have stories of war and violence in them. Throughout history, most faiths have used this text to justify violence. And if there is anyone in this room at this moment who is thinking that I've got it wrong, after church today, pull up  your Bible and look up psalm 1:37 and you'll see on that  text has passages that can make us uncomfortable.


But also like the Bible the predominant message of the Quran is a peace and care and loving God, justice, care for the neighbor, care for the stranger. In the Bible, we have  thou shall not kill. In the Quran, we have "whoever kills another, surely he is killing all of humanity, and whoever saves the life of another, surely he saves the lives of all humanity." These are words of peace, words of faith, words that could save the world if we take them to heart.


The second that you can do next time someone sends you one of those emails demonizing Islam, delete it. Don't forward it. Don't participate in stereotyping. Don't give in to your fear. It's ok to be a little afraid, we all have those emotions. Just don't give in to your fear. Don't sign on for it. Don't focus on this tiny   group of extremists who commit acts of violence. Focus on the hundreds of millions of Moslim people in the world who are people of faith, whose priorities and concerns and families are not so different from your own.


And third, when you think of Moslim people, think of the individuals; Think of the professor in Ohio state; Think of the engineer at Handa; Think of the teacher at the elementary school, down the street. When you think of Moslim people, remember those who died on 9,11, not the highjackers you sir can’t count on them. Remember Mohamed Sunhami Hamadi. He was born in Pakistan. He came to the united states as a small child with his parents. He played high school football. He went to college. He became a part-time ambulance driver. He died as a Moslim young man on 9,11 trying to rescue people and save lives. When you think of Moslim people, remember Mohammad Salahuddin  Cloudhurri  . He was a waiter at "Windows on the world" which was at the top of the world trade center. He died that day. His wife had their baby two days later. When you think of Moslim people, remember Rama Salli. She was a woman, 28 years old. Her neighbours  discribed her as fun and outgoing and generous and she died on American airlines flight 11, seven months pregnant with her first child. Remember the founder of the Islamic circle of North America who worked in world trade center and also died on Sptember 11. That same group now is giving away tens of hundreds of copies of the Quran is reponsed  to the campaign about "burning of the Quran". In the language of their own tradition they are spreading words of faith and peace and hope. One of the ladies at the 8:30 service this morning said to me after," Maybe we should declare September 11 by a Quran and some of it. It is for us to share our message of love and hope and peace but let us do it with grace

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Expectation of human beings from religion:

 (section 1)

From: Ayatollah Javadi Amoli


" Man's expectation from religion" is one of the most important issues challenging the Religious Thought in modern world.


The questions like " why does human need religion?" , " What kind of deficiency does human have which can't be solved by things except religion?", " Is religion capable of controlling all human affairs or does it leave some issues to the humanistic wisdom and knowledge?", " Can all the affairs be addressed in terms of Religion or are there some issues never being able to tapped by it?" , " Does religion care only about values or does it concern about the scientific principles too? " ," Does religion have plans regarding managing this worldly and social affairs as well as plans for the spiritual and Hereafter life?" , "Does religion regulate only the executive affairs or does it address the morality and emotion as well?" , " Would the need for religion cease to exist if humans could meet their needs by achieving cerebral  and scientific advances?"


These questions and many other challenges alike are being brought up in the discussion of "Man's Expectation from Religion"; Therefore,  first we will address the historical chronology of this discussion and its grounds in Kalam Science(science of proving the beliefs).  After that, we will clarify the basics of man's expectations from religion.(source: p. 22)


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