Knowing Islam

To answer the non-Muslim questions

Knowing Islam

To answer the non-Muslim questions

Knowing Islam

All the answers of your questions are in Quran. All the knowledge, sciences, philosophy, ethics, etc. are in Quran.
Ask your questions and get your answers through it.

پیوندهای روزانه

۱ مطلب در دسامبر ۲۰۱۶ ثبت شده است

In the name of God




Happy the Birth of  Jesus Christ
Our greatings for Jesus  Christ,  the prophet of peace and kindness
The following message is written by the Shias  to all Christians throughout the world, We are a group of Muslims  called Shias.
Of course, we are not ISIS and they are not from us.

Moreover, many of our youth and  soldiers are already fighting ISIS.
ISIS are  some extremists  of course, not Muslims and  they just  claim to be Muslims.

Unfortunately,  they have put the name of our beloved Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) on their flag.
They suggest to the people around the world  that the acts of violence so cruely.
Even though,  Prophet Mohammad(pbuh) was so kind and merciful to even the enemies.

We, Shias mourn for the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (the third Shia Imam and son of the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad) in the  month of Muharram every year.  And of course, Shia religious leaders and noble scholars does not even approve the actions  of afew extremists of Shias who hurt themselves at their mourning's ceremonies.

One of the honorable  72 of the best Imam Hussein(as)'s companions  was a Christian called  Wahab. They were are martyared(killed in the path of God)  with thirsty lips in an  unfair and unequal war in the desert of Karbala.
❤So they even teared with their swords the throat of the infant and six months of Imam Hussein(as).
And now we see  these  brutal and inhumane methods of killing and cruely behaviors  by ISIS in today's world, too.

Karbala is where each year a large population (over 25 million) in the largest walk-fortieth(Arbaeen Walking) of the biggest event in the history of mankind is the fortieth day after the martyrdom of Imam Hussein in Karbala.  It delivers this message that: 
We believe in  the teachings  of the holy  Bible and it was sent through God before Quran.

And we believe that Jesus Christ(as)  will return(reappear) besides Imam Mahdi(aj) for the Justice.

Since we believe that he was God's Prophet sent before Prophet Mohammad(pbuh).

❤Congratulations  and Christmas greetings  for the birthday  of Jesus Christ(as).

And also believe that Jesus (PBUH) without a father and with the breath of God in the life of the Virgin Mary was blown by the right has been born

We invite you dear  Christian friend to search about Islam through  valid Shia  books and don't prejudge about us, please.

With the  hope that all justice-loving people  live together so peacefully

Please,   send this message to other Christian friends around the world, peace be upon all  the followers of the Truth. ❤




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