Knowing Islam

To answer the non-Muslim questions

Knowing Islam

To answer the non-Muslim questions

Knowing Islam

All the answers of your questions are in Quran. All the knowledge, sciences, philosophy, ethics, etc. are in Quran.
Ask your questions and get your answers through it.

پیوندهای روزانه

A New Way Of Understanding Quran

Wednesday, 11 February 2015، 01:47 PM

As Ayatollah Khamenei’s letter to the western youth encouraged us to understand Islam through Quran 

  (This is a new way of understanding Quran) 

In the name of Allah the Merciful the Compassionate

Since the people would like to be in a close relation with God, they would like to talk with him and hear his talks , too. I decided to use Quran for having this conversation with God, so that we have his real talks.

This is a new way for a better understanding of Quran especially for young people. Through reading the versus  of a surreh. I ask questions from God, and He , for example , answers me by the exact versus of that surreh. so you can take a look at the list of questions, choose the ones you are interested to get its answer. Then you will see God has given it's answer in Quran, since the answers of all our questions are in Quran.

Let's begin with surah Hujurat (the Apartments).


 In the name of God , theMercy-giving,the Merciful


My question and His answer (through Surah The Apartments))


My question : Oh my God,  how can I call you

His answer: In the name of God, the Mercy-giving, the Merciful

                                        *  *   *

Q: If I reached the glory of faith what can I do to remain at the group of believers?

Answer: You who believe, do not press forward in the presence of God and His messenger. Heed God: God is Alert, Aware. (Verse 1)

                                                *  *   *

Q: My God I became one of the believers, tellme what can I do so that my doings be saved for me

A: you  who believe, do not raise your voices over the prophet`s voice not shoutat him while(you are) speaking just as you shout at one another, lest youractions miscarry while you do not even notice it.(V. 2)

                                                 *  *  *

Q: Oh my Lord, who protects the dignity of your prophet and what is their reward

A: The ones who lower their voices in the presence of God`s messenger are those whose hearts God examines for heedfulness. They will have forgiveness and a splendid fee.(V. 3)

                                                *  *  *

Q: My God , tell me one of the signs of foolishness

A: Most of thosewho you do not to you from outside the apartments do not use their reason.(V. 4)

                                                 *  *  *

Q : What was the duty of those who wanted to see the prophet (A.S)

A:If they wouldwait patiently until you came out to (see) them, it would be better for them. God is forgiving Merciful. (V. 5)

                                                  *  *  *

Q : My God, advice  me  about the sinfulpeople so that I do the right thing

A: you whobelieve, if some scoundrel should come up to you with some piece of news, clearup the facts lest you afflict some folk out of ignorance, and some morning feelregretful for what you may have done. (V. 6)

                                                   *  *  *

Q: My shelter, teach me something about yourprophet and introduce me who are at the Right path

A: Know that God`smessenger is among you. If he obeyed you in too much of such business , youwould fall into discord; but God has so endeared faith for you that it seemsattractive within your hearts, and made you hate disbelief, immorality andrebelliousness. Such persons are sensible.(V. 7)

                                                 *  *  *

Q: What is the status of the love of beliefand the hateness of sin before you

A: Through bountyand favor from God. God is aware, wise.(V. 8)

                                                  *  *  *

Q: What is our duty upon the  believer` s conflict with other?And  tell us that what kindof people do you love

A: Whenever towfactions of believers fall out with one another, try to reconcile them. If oneof them should the other, then fight the one should acts oppressively until theycomply with God`s command. If they act fairly. God loves those who act fairly.(V. 9)

                                                 *  *  *

Q: My God, what did you call the believersand  How should they act with each other so that you look themkindly

A: Believers merelyfrom a brotherhood, so reconcile your brethren and heed God so that you may findmercy.(V. 10)

                                                *  *  *

Q: My God, what kind of mistakes could makethe believers such as the oppressors? Is there a way for theirrelease

A:  You who believe, do not let one (set of) people make fun of another set; perhaps they are betterthan they are. Nor let any women (mistreat other) women; perhaps they are evenbetter than they are themselves. Nor should you criticize one another, norinsult one another by using   nick names; it is bad touse a dirty name instead of one you can believe in. Those who do not turn awayfrom it are wrongdoers. (V. 11)

                                                 *  *  *

Q: Oh, my lord, give on order so it mayprotect the faithful suspicions and reaches it to the virtue

A:  You who believe, refrain from conjecturing too much: even a little suspicion forms avice

Do not spy on oneanother, nor let any of you back bite others. Would one of you like to eat hisdead brother`s flesh? You would loathe it! Heed God, for God is Relenting, Merciful! (V. 12)

                                                 *  *  *

Q : My God, why did you create us so different from each other?which one of thesepeople do you like more

A: O, mankind, wehave created you from a male and female, and set you up as nations and tribes soyou may recognize(and cooperate with) one another. The noblest among you withGod is that one of you who best performs his duty; God is Aware, Informed. (V. 13)

                                                *  *  *

Q: My love, tell us the truth of faith withan example

A: The desert Arabssay:” believe. ”SAY:” You have not yet believed, but say (instead): we commitourselves to (live in)peace. Yet belief has not penetrated your hearts. If youobey God and His messenger, He will not slight you in any of your actions. Godis Forgiving, Merciful! (V. 14)

                                                 *  *  *

Q: My God, who are the realbelievers

A: Believers are merely the ones who believe in God and His messenger; then never doubt and strive for God`s sake with their property and persons. Those are reliable. (V. 15)

                                                 *  *  *

Q: Oh God, may I tell you about mybeliefs

A: Say: would you (presume to) teach God something concerning your religion? God knows whatever isin heaven and whatever is on earth. God is Aware ofeverything! (V. 16)

                                                *  *  *

Q: God of universe, how did I acceptIslam

A: They want youto feel filtered because they have entered Islam. SAY:” you do not flatter mewith your commitment to (live in )peace; rather God flatters you, provided youare loyal, since He has guided you to faith. (V. 17)

                                                 *  *  *

Q: At last, tell me some of your adjectivesso that my hearth lightens by hearing them

A: God knows theunseen part of Heaven and Earth. God is observant of anything you do. (V. 18)

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