Knowing Islam

To answer the non-Muslim questions

Knowing Islam

To answer the non-Muslim questions

Knowing Islam

All the answers of your questions are in Quran. All the knowledge, sciences, philosophy, ethics, etc. are in Quran.
Ask your questions and get your answers through it.

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Comments of a new Christian about Islam

Sunday, 22 February 2015، 08:41 AM

Prophet Mohammad(PBUH) said:
God The Best would help Islam with men who are not Moslems.(Nahjol Fasahe, p. 46, hadith 293)

These are the comments of a new Christian to the ignorant people about Islam at a week after Ayatollah Khamenei wrote a letter to the Western youth. (2015/1/2)

I do know this, in 1976 I was in prison for dealing drugs and I had a very real experience based on Christianity and it changed me. I was raised Catholic and saw through that and by the time I joined the US Air Force at 17 I never darkened the doorstep of any church again. In the 60's and early 70's my only comment on religion was that God is dead and I lived accordingly. I went to prison at 32 years old. You know, I am sure, that religion is not a building, or a preacher, or denomination. It is a personal thing that occurs in your heart and it changed my heart. When I got out I never went back to the old ways and old friends and the last half of my life has been superior to the first. I was a high school drop out with a felony prison record and still achieved material things that I never dreamed possible as well as a spiritual life I never knew. I can only tie the one to the other.
In the last 39 years I have found no failure in scriptures, only in people. The God of the bible is beyond human comprehension.

The whole story is much too long to post but in essence it started with a sarcastic prayer. There are a lot of people who do jail house ministries and most inmates just ignore them most of the time. There was one couple, Betty and Fred Engle, that when they were coming many of the guys would get cleaned up as best they could and there was real pressure for those that were not interested in what they had to say to shut up and be respectful while they were there. Their base message was, God loves you no matter what and He wants to have a relationship with you. My prayer was "Hey, if you are really out there I am ready to listen." That started a chain of things that proved to me that He was out there and He listened. I retired from a job with a large Japanese company that I held for 26 years and made really good money from. You need a 4 year degree if you want that job today and I am a high school dropout with a felony prison record. I did not add Him to the error of my ways but I do credit Him with the correction of the error of my ways and the success of the last half of my life.


Only if the belief causes the changes that it professes. I believe from personal experience but I don't try to cram that down anyone's
throat. I don't call names or insult those that don't believe as we all have a free will to choose our own path so in fact, no matter which path we choose, each is as valid as the other to the person that made that choice.


So you blame the religion because of the evil actions that come from a man's heart? I have no problem with condemning individuals who do not do what they profess to believe but making religion responsible for individual actions seems to be a stretch.

In the pure sense Judaism exists in the Old Testament and Christianity in the new so the bible is the text book. Now you have to take that on faith and apply what it says and see if that works for YOU personally. It will not work on a group or an organization as it is a deal between you and God alone and you only have control over you and only you can try and emulate Jesus starting in your own heart. I am a conservative Christian and believe that the bible says exactly what we need to know and that understanding can increase as we grow but it is not an … I like this part but I don't like that part book.

So does the existence of crazy Christian clerics justify the existence of crazy Muslim clerics? There are over a billion Catholics and over a billion Muslims and what was in the Catholic church has changed. What prevents the Muslims from changing also? One church lives in modern times and the other wants to live in the 7th century.

First off, I do not know that Islam causes terrorism. I only know that where Islam exists terrorism seems to follow. Did Christianity cause the KKK? There were a lot of southern preachers that were OK with the KKK. That is why I centered on crazy clerics. If religious authority does nor condemn it and some clerics endorse it then it seems to spring from the religion when it in fact is caused by crazy clerics who are not condemned by the mainstream clerics. Most of the wrongs that the US commits are caused by the idea that if you don't agree with policy, that comes down from the top, you are not a team player and you and your ideas need to be banished. Also look to the money men that finance the DNC and RNC and help form this team player concept. If you don't vote our way then you could lose financing in the next election. Blindly arming the rebels in Afghanistan when Russia occupied the country is a perfect example. If they are fighting and killing Russians they must be our friends which was very very wrong.

Henry, you seem to have a lot of pent up anger at religion but you have to realize that all the wrongs done in the name of religion have been caused by people who are evil and used religion as a cover for what they did, from popes to priests and ministers and rabbis to individual people. The scriptures do not condone what they did and what some continue to do today. What you are saying about religion is what the blacks say about cops. That if you have some bad cops then it makes all cops bad.

Our creator always was and always will be and was the creator of everything else. He knew how to create a universe and we are still
trying to figure out how He did that. I suspect that just perhaps I might possess just a smidgen more intelligence than you do! 

Not a problem as we all have our reasons for unbelief or believing.

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