Knowing Islam

To answer the non-Muslim questions

Knowing Islam

To answer the non-Muslim questions

Knowing Islam

All the answers of your questions are in Quran. All the knowledge, sciences, philosophy, ethics, etc. are in Quran.
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The non-Muslim questions: Question 26

Sunday, 4 October 2015، 09:49 AM

The non-Muslim questions: Question 26

Are there any diffrences between our thaughts & our sprits with our destiny from Islam point of view ?

ان الله لا یغیر ما بقوم حتی یغیروا ما بانفسهم...

Surely Allah does not change the condition of people until they change their own condition.

Imam Reza (A) cited :

انا عند ظن عبدی المومن ان خیرا فخیرا و ان

شرا فشرا ...

I’m at side of my faithful man's thaught . If he is optimist to me, l would offer hlm the best and  if he is pessimist I would give him the worst.

(Book Al Iman val kofr, kafi v3, chapter: being optimist to God)

Dr. Isa- Jalali ; a psychologist says: Mind is a softwear and  brain is a hardwear of our nerve system computer.

Based on mind management, that means, healthiness of brain, the right action of the mind and the validity of entering datas, the reaction of our mind cause us to achieve our goal.

Brain's power is high and make signals that the enviroment is influenced by  that and is confirmed by physic science like Velfegang pavely.

He proved that non of two electrons in the world have the same number.

Any time an idea is created by one out if seventy people of world citizens, the electrons in the vast existent world are going to be changed.

The world changes from time to time to keep the balance.

Read Imam Ali's prayers:

Oh my intimate friend of my dark nights and  my lonliness and unrest days !

Oh you are the one who can read minds in the tiny brain and write the beauty of heart in the destiny's picture.

That's why, God makes our life by our own mind according to what Imam Ali (a) said.

So we should be optimist according to what Imam Reza (A.S.) said.

This is the noble point that Islam recognized about 1400 years ago and  today is known as " secret of optimism".

So, think better and nice.

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